About TID

On May 27, 1999, the Council of The Transplantation Society, meeting in Rome, voted unanimously to establish the Section on Infectious Disease within The Transplantation Society. The mission of this section will be to promote research and education in the prevention, diagnosis, clinical consequences, and management of the infectious disease problems of the transplant recipient.
A number of projects have already been initiated by the Infectious Disease Section: the establishment of the journal Transplant Infectious Disease as the official journal of the section and sponsorship of several conferences and 2 CMV Consensus meetings.

For more information, visit the TID Website - www.tts.org/tid


Michele I. Morris, Miami, FL, United States

Clarisse Machado, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Past President
Deborah Marriott, Sydney, Australia

Ligia Pierrotti, Sao Paulo, Brazil


Sharon Chen, Westmead, Australia (Asia / Oceania)
Hans H. Hirsch, Basel, Switzerland (Africa/Europe/Middle East)
Michael G. Ison, Chicago, IL, USA (The Americas)
Nassim Kamar, Toulouse, France (Africa / Europe / Middle East)
Ban Hock Tan, Singapore, Singapore (Asia / Oceania)

Emeritus President

Robert H. Rubin, Boston, MA, USA